Travel to Enlightenment


Discover "out of the ordinary" ideas and places that will enrich your life and unlock your mind.

While much of the focus will be on visiting exotic places, it's not necessary to travel to exotic locations in order to "travel to enlightenment."

The important place to travel is in your attitude. Being able to travel to exotic locations is a gift, which I want to encourage people to explore, but even if you can't, just reading about exotic locations can break old mental patterns and take you to a new world.

I also want to emphasize that travel is not an excuse to get away from where you are, but rather an opportunity to enrich and broaden your life experiences. Travel should expand upon the familiar to create something even greater. Be sure to visit:

Peru Travelogue

Tibet Travelogue

Bali Travelogue

To read about these trips and additional insights I picked up, please check out: Travel to Enlightenment: Peru, Tibet and Bali for Personal Transformation.

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Edwin Harkness Spina

Ed is the author of the award-winning, visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior  and Mystic Secrets Revealed, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing.

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